Meet Our Doctor.

Dr. McCulloch has extensive experience in private practice and works collaboratively with many dentists and dental specialists to ensure that you receive the finest, most advanced orthodontic health outcome. We view each of our patients as unique individuals with their own unique set of expectations and goals. Your experience here will not be "cookie cutter" in nature. We tailor our treatment to meet specific needs and goals to create an orthodontic treatment plan which is individual in nature and best suited to your unique needs.

Dr. K. McCulloch

Dr. Kara McCulloch DMD MSD

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Dr. McCulloch moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue her graduate degree in Orthodontics from the University of Washington following dental school at the University of British Columbia. After completing Orthodontics, she joined the faculty at the University of Washington in the department of Pediatric Dentistry as a clinical professor as well as entering private practice. She has published several scientific papers and maintains an active membership in many professional societies.

"For me the most rewarding aspect of practice, is my daily interaction with patients; getting to know them as people and observing how their new smile contributes to their developing self-esteem and confidence. It is such a joy to be part of that experience."

Meet Our Team.


Our clinical and business office staff members are highly trained and have expertise developed and applied over many years. They "go the extra mile" to be certain your orthodontic treatment experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible. We employ the most advanced technology in all aspects of patient care from diagnosis and treatment planning to communication. Our digital systems keep us in touch with you and with your other dental-care providers so you can feel confident that treatment is coordinated and consistent.

  • Aliecea / Sterilization Clinician

  • Bekah / Clinical Assistant

  • Candace / Lead Clinical Assistant

  • Hailey / Scheduling Coordinator

  • Julie / Clinical Assistant

  • Karen / Financial Coordinator

  • Kaylee / Clinical Assistant

  • Leah / Administrative Support / Scheduling Coordinator

  • Laura / Treatment Coordinator

  • Quinton / Comfort Mascot